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Our unique technique looks at the skin through the lens of the nervous system and creates a completely bespoke treatment plan using a multi-level approach including embodiment techniques, mindfulness, and breathwork to support the nervous system and target detoxification.  We combine these methods with high quality, natural skin care for unmatched results.

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We provide holistic facials, email recommendations, virtual consultations, and 1-on1 coaching programs

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Does this sound like you?

Product Overwhelm

Between all of the marketing, new products, beauty stores, and convenient stores.  Beauty products are extremely overwhelming. 

What ingredients should you use, should you NOT use, what is safe, and what's not.  The list of questions go on and on.

Drowning in feelings of stress & other emotions

Do you feel like your stress levels are constantly elevated?  Has stress became a part of your daily life that you feel that you just have to deal with now? 

Do you want to live a higher vibrational and more positive life but feel that self care is too overwhelming?

Do you feel like your emotions are dictating your life and actions?

Tried Everything - Still Not Clear

You've tried all the trends, pimple patches, sheet masks, and exfoliating products

So you try to work on your hormones or your gut health and again, some improvements but still not where you want to be?

Desire to experience more joy & radiant skin

You are ready to step into a higher vibe. 


You want to learn to balance of emotions while still allowing them to be but also not letting them control you.


You are ready to invite more ease and flow into your life.


You are ready to start breaking old patterns of living in "freeze", people pleasing and workaholism

We've been there... products aren't enough, supplements, aren't enough.  We need to go inward.

Start your personalized
1-on-1 skin health journey today

White Cream
"Brittney provides SO MUCH more than a facial. It is the most unique, personalized experience! My last “facial” included meditation, a partial massage, a hand masque and oh yea, a facial! Brittney takes the time to listen and this allows her to take a very wholistic approach."


Marne C

plain backdrop with gold kintsugi as cracks.jpg

Embracing your flaws and imperfections can create an even stronger, more beautiful piece of art

Where to Find Us

1 Halstead Cir.

Unit 6

Rogers, AR 72756

Clinic Hours

(by appointment only)

Tues: 11am - 7pm cst

Wed: 10am - 4pm

Thursday: 11am - 6pm

Fri: 10am - 3:30pm
​​Saturday: 10am - 2pm
​Sunday: Closed

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