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Soulmatic Skin is a holistic beauty brand who helps individuals of all ages achieve healthy aging skin, clearer skin, and overall brighter, more vital looking skin using a unique, full-spectrum approach harmonizing inner beauty with outer beauty.  


We help clients gain these results using somatic embodiment practices to tune into the body, soul guided meditations to raise the vibration and strengthen your confidence, and skin care regimens to nourish, repair, protect, and love your skin. 


We use this unique approach throughout our various offerings of facial treatments, virtual consultations, 1-on-1 online skin program, and seasonal regimen changes.

Meet the Esthetician & Founder of Soulmatic Skin

Brittney Eibes

Licensed esthetician of 15 years, certified neural awareness coach, certified herbalist, and the founder of Soulmatic Skin.

She is extremely passionate about bridging the connections between common external skin concerns like acne and hyperpigmentation and their deep-seated root causes in the body.

Within Brittney’s services and programs, she combines her years of professional skin care experience and product development knowledge with healing modalities of inner embodiment work, neural awareness techniques, and self-acceptance.


Her aim is to revolutionize skincare routines, optimizing for mind-body-soul alignment in order to achieve radiant results.

My Story

I've definitely struggled with my own skin issues and outer beauty image. 

I grew up with acne and that’s why I went to school for skin care.  I wanted to learn about it and help others like me.  I became a licensed esthetician in 2009 and have had many different roles within the beauty industry. 


Since then, I’ve worked in retail, practiced in small spa settings, worked for a corporations like Ulta, and I've assisted taught esthetics at a accredited school.  I've also worked behind the scenes doing, product development, packaging sourcing, sales, and education for professional skin care companies like Green Envee, ilike Organic Skin Care, & Rhonda Allison.  I was even lucky enough to lead the product development projects within my time at Green Envee.


With that being said, I've had access to all of the skin care ‘tools’ and yet I still continued to struggle with acne at different periods of time throughout my career.....until now. 


Why is that? 


Like many of you, my life has been filled with ups, downs, and periods of deep grief with lots of moments of joy and happiness sprinkled throughout it all.


So, despite having access to all the skin care products, peels, and tools.  Those treatments didn't always help during the trying times, during the deeply emotional times, or during the stressful times.  The would get me only so far and my skin care couldn't keep up with what was going on in my body. 


I was completely disconnected from my body and my spirituality. My adrenals were shot, my heart was heavy, my hormones were out of whack, my gut health suffered and most of all I was really stressed.


Does this resonate at all?


During those more emotional times, my skin should have been the last thing I tried fixing, but it was always the first because that's what I saw, and that's what other people saw (or at least I thought). That’s what the beauty industry tells us.  And I know I'm not alone. Client after client coming in with skin issues trying to achieve perfect skin while also dealing with similar stress and emotions within the body.  


Meanwhile the beauty industry has been headed into a direction that I don’t align with.  


The turning point for me was that I saw direct results in my skin with the more internal work and the more embodiment work that I did. 


That was the turning point that knew it was time to finally start my dream business, Soulmatic Skin. 


I’m here to disrupt the skin care industry and bring people back to their true beauty, their embodiment and their self-acceptance while aging with attitude and achieving their skin care goals to clearer, firmer looking skin.


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