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1-on-1 Clear Skin Coaching Program

skin care + neural awareness coaching for radiant skin and a calmer nervous system

White Cream

Getting Started

Do you want to experience...

Clearer Skin

that is manageable long term?

Firmer Looking Skin

Ease, Flow & Joy

Radical Self-Acceptance

Tools to Navigate Your Nervous System & Stress

A Higher Vibration & More Positivity

Brighter Skin & Reduced Hyperpigmentation

Discovering Your True Essence

Just a few internal SKIN TRIGGERS we address

Trapped Emotions


Unresolved feelings of self-acceptance

Retention Hyperkeratosis aka the root cause of acne

Hormonal Imbalances

Diet & Lifestyle

Coaching Highlights

 * Holistic Approach 

* Building Self Trust 

* Receive Journal Prompts 

* Meditations & Breathwork 

* Bi-weekly Video Check-ins

* Nervous System Regulation Support 

* Intuition Building 

* Reset Positive Mindset 

* Customized Skin Care Treatment Plans 

* Learn Mindfulness Awareness 

* Learn Facial Massage Techniques at home

* On-Going Message Support 

What is Clear Skin Coaching?

A 1-on-1 approach combining skin care coaching and neural awareness coaching to create a totally customized, guided approach to healing your skin from the inside out through neural awareness and revolutionary ritualization of your daily regimens.

What's included?

Bi-weekly check-in appointments via video call:

  • (8) 1-hour video calls total (twice a month for 60-minutes each)

  • Bi-weekly regimen changes

    • 8 personalized home care regimens where we focus on prepping the skin, building up the skin, treating the skin, and balancing the skin. Regimen changes are key in the skin-clearing process. Including but not limited to:

      • Diet recommendations

      • Lifestyle recommendations

      • Body Care recommendations

      • Self-Facial Massage Techniques

Ongoing message support for the length of the program:

  • Using Google Chat & Email

A step-by-step approach to neural system support using:

  • Education about your nervous system and its essential nature to health

    • Expanding mindfulness, with meditations and journal prompts weaved throughout each week

    • Embodiment practices, including breathwork

    • Self-care recommendations

Tools to help you live in your true essence through:

  • Building a therapeutic connection with yourself

    • Unblending from lower vibrations

    • Unlocking your higher vibration

    • Radical self-acceptance & compassion

Why we combine skin care & neural awareness coaching... 

We believe the emotional component within the nervous system is the root cause of certain skin triggers like hormonal imbalance triggers, and poor gut health. 


We believe the more we ground into ourselves the more we trust ourselves and the more our true beauty shines from the inside out.

Shadows on the Wall

$199 per month (4 month program)*

Product cost not included in coaching fee

Purchase all 4 months of coaching up front and...

SAVE $200 

Offer Expires:

June 30th, 2024 @ Midnight CST

Cost does NOT include skin care products.  

Products sold separately based on your skin care needs and our custom treatment plan. 

See below for average product costs

Shadows on the Wall

Average Cost of Products during Program
(including skincare and supplements):

 Ranges from $700 - $1500

Product cost is solely based on your individual treatment plan and what is going on with your skin.

If we are here for minor skin concerns, the products needed will be much less. If we are dealing with more severe skin conditions, we may need a few extra treatment products for a short time.

Product Cost Examples:


Example of an average $950 product breakdown 

  • Supplements:

    • 2 Bottles of the Skin Clarity Herbal Supplement

    • 2 Flower Essence

    • 2 Tea Blends or herbal supplements

  • Skin Care Products:

    • 2 Pre-Cleanse products

    • 2 Active Cleansers

    • 2 Toners

    • 1 Masks (1 enzyme & 1 or 2 treatment/healing masks)

    • 2 Treatment Serums

    • 2 Healing Serums including ilike Probiotic Serum

    • 2 Moisturizers

    • 1 Eye Product

    • 2 SPF Products


Example of an average $1200 product breakdown 

  • Supplements:

    • 2 Bottles of the Skin Clarity Herbal Supplement

    • 2 Bottles of the Adrenal Stress Formula

    • 1 Flower Essence

    • 2 Tea Blends or herbal supplements

  • Skin Care Products:

    • 2 Pre-Cleanse products

    • 2 Active Cleansers

    • 2 Toners

    • 2-3 Masks (1 enzyme & 1 or 2 treatment/healing masks)

    • 4 Treatment Serums

    • 3 Healing Serums

    • 2 Moisturizers

    • 1 Eye Product

    • 2 SPF Products

The average cost of retail products + coaching fees is approx. $500/month

*Please Note
  • Not all of the products and treatment plans used within this program will be used long term and there may be some that are recommended to use for maintaining results.   

  • Once you are clear, maintenance regimens typically use less product than what is needed to achieve clarity and we'll teach you how to maintain your results. 

  • We use high-quality, active ingredients along with mindful awareness during the program to ensure results and do not require expensive medical treatments to achieve these results.

  • Once you completed the program, we recommend re-evaluating your regimen seasonally to help maintain your results. Sometimes, you may need to do extra exfoliation or moisturizing, but let the season and your skin guide you.  And if you're not sure, we're always here to help!

Contact Us

1 Halstead Cir.

Unit 6

Rogers, AR 72756

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
​​Saturday: 10am - 2pm
​Sunday: Closed

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