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SIZE: 4 oz | 114g


Skin Type: Normal, Combination, Problem, All


Helps With: Dryness, Oiliness, Congestion, Flaking, Texture


Using the principle of "like dissolves like" the organic oils of Apricot Kernel, Hemp, and Sunflower mix with the dirty skin oils on your face and lift them, leaving vitamin-rich, soothing nourishment behind. Don’t expect bubbles - there’s no soap! This is Ph correct cleansing like you’ve never experienced before.

Organic, whole brown rice flour gently sweeps over the skin using natural grain fiber to effectively remove dirt and flaking skin. Natural salicins from Willowbark exfoliate improves the microbiome. Organic Chickweed and Rose stimulate your healthy glow.


  • Creamy and conditioning texture that gently exfoliates

  • Dermatologist Tested - Safe for sensitive skin!

  • Clarifies and quickly Ph balances skin

  • Energizing citrus aroma you’ll crave

  • The benefits of oil cleansing with better and more consistent results!

  • Protects and nourishes your skin barrier

  • 4 oz quantity provides enough product to wash twice daily for over a month



Fresh - Mild Rice Facial Cleanser

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