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Skin Type: Oily, Congested, Acne, Rosacea

Helps With: Breakouts, Texture, Redness, Hyperpigmentation


  • Holistic and effective natural formula for acne + oiliness

  • Dermatologist Tested

  • A top selling product for 10+ years

  • Nix irritation from typical acne actives like benzoyl peroxide

  • 4% niacinamide and rose oil for science-proven results

  • Fades dark marks from breakouts fast

  • Skin looks calmer and smoother within 2 weeks

  • 1.3 oz (38 g) quantity provides enough to use product once daily for approx 6 weeks


Conventional skincare for acne uses a "scorched earth" approach that irritates skin, overdries it, and kills even the good bacteria. Skin gets constantly traumatized, and the acne cycle never really stops. That's why Smooth A+ is designed differently. Faces all over the world depend on its densely nutritious, hydrating and balancing herbal recipe.

Over 13 exquisite, antioxidant-rich whole herbs combine with clinically proven 4% niacinamide and natural Vitamin A from carrots to balance oiliness and retain more water in skin. More hydration is actually the key to helping cells exfoliate properly so pores stay clear. There's no benzoyl peroxide, no harsh acids, and no irritating retinoids. This is a new approach you need to try.



Smooth A+ Correcting Serum

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